Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Web Spinning is all about

Web Spinning's purpose is to help you build your web presence in all aspects.  After building or updating your existing  blog, webpage, or a social networking profile I integrate it all together in a way that it will promote your cause, service, or business. In doing so, you see an increase in traffic and profitability in your business.  All the while listening to what you want, not what I think you need.  I'm very adept at problem solving, seeing outside the box, and giving workable solutions.

In addition to providing the service to build an internet presence, you will see there are numerous other services offered.  Being in the computer business since 1983, I have a vast range of experience and knowledge that I bring with me.  I have always made sure that I have kept up on emerging technologies, software platforms, and people’s current needs. 

When I thought of Web Spinning, not only did I think about the impact of the vastness of the internet but also about the web we become entangled in every day.  We constantly try to make our technology work together for us in our business and personal lives.  I personally have spent untold hours being that detective trying to break down every problem to get down to the real issue and solve it. In doing so, I've become very adept at troubleshooting computer and software problems.  That is why one of my favorite services is completing a tune-up on your computer (deleting any virus, spyware, or malware, etc.)  and then offering a monthly maintenance package that keeps it working in tip top shape.  I have included more information about my background under services.  If you think we can work well together, please email me at wbspinning@gmail.com or give me a call at 360-610-9001.